Friday, March 9, 2012

Vampyrric Rites - by Simon Clark - Norse gods and their Vampire Army try again

Originally ready February 23, 2012     4 Stars

When last we left David Leppington, he had seemingly overcome his destiny to lead a vampyrrhic army and their desire to rid the world of Christianity and restore the glory of the Viking gods. Of course he had a little help last time, it's really tough to do this stuff on your own.

All of the the main characters are back, including the owner of The Station Hotel, Electra Charnwood, the lovely and shy Bernice Mochardi and the, left for dead, Jack Black.

The undead, Viking army, are no longer residing under the town of Leppington. You'll now find them living, or not living, in a lake called Lazarus Deep. Through a series of unfortunate events, everyone ends up trapped, at a house by the Lake where we meet David's half-brother. It seems David's Father wasn't exactly faithful. This means David is no longer the last of the Leppington blood-line and not the only person who can lead the vampyrrhic army in their quest to destroy the world.

I know, this all sounds rather preposterous and it may seem like I'm making fun, but somehow it works. Simon Clark is a very talented writer and in his capable hands this is a very entertaining sequel to Vampyrrhic, which I felt was somewhat better.

Although, these vampires are not 100% in line with Dracula, at least they don't "sparkle".

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