Friday, March 9, 2012

Clown In the Moonlight - by Tom Piccirilli - A particularly dark novella

4 Stars

A dark and twisted tale of desire and consequence inspired by actual events, which makes this brief trilogy of interwoven tales even creepier.  Ricky Kasso, the so-called Acid King, murdered a "friend" in '84 because Satan told him to do it.  This story, seen through the eyes of an unidentified acquaintance of Ricky's, tells that tale, but also shed's light on the story of the protagonist who is dealing with demons of his own. Piccirilli's writing is visceral in his description of what drives the antihero to do the terrible things he does.

Overall I enjoyed the mood, the party scene, particularly, captures the a sense of being lost in a crowded setting.  I will warn you, if you are looking for a moral to the story or a definitive end to the tale.  Don't expect to find one on the written page.  The kindle version of this book is free, from the Lending Library, for Amazon Prime members or for $2.99 and includes a preview of Piccirilli's latest book "The Last Kind Words."

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