Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Fierce and Unforgiving Muse - by Gregory L. Norris

 4 Stars

In this collection of short stories, Gregory's muse takes us to places as diverse as ancient Egypt to your own back yard.  26 tales, each one unique in it's telling and yet there are a few stories which share similar geography.  Highway 101 is a stretch of road I wouldn't want to find myself traveling on a dark and lonely night.

The author is skilled at creating believable situations and has a real talent for conversation.  Sure there are monsters, of both the nightmarish and human kind, but I had no trouble suspending my disbelief long enough to enjoy a good story.

There are some proof-reading issues.  Not a lot, but enough of a distraction to keep me from giving the book 5 Stars.  For example, using through for though, and in another story, a character says, "You know we keep all of them.." when it is evident the writer meant to say, "...we CAN'T keep all of them...".

But for creativeness and storytelling, it's tough to find a better collection than what Gregory L. Norris and Evil Jester Press has put together in The Fierce and Unforging Muse.  Available now in paperback and for the Kindle at

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