Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Painted Darkness - by Brian James Freeman - One of the better stories I've read in 2011

Originally read December 26, 2011     4 Stars

Brian is currently the Managing Editor of Cemetery Dance magazine, so to say he knows horror may seem a bit of an understatement. His current novel is more than just a horror story. Sure, it has those cringe-worthy elements with rats galore and an evil boiler seemingly come to life, but this is much more than your standard horror fare. I get a real Ray Bradbury feel as I read this story. Ray was always able to take me to real places and make me feel right at home. Brian manages to do just that, particularly with young Henry and his adventures in the woods, behind his home. In the story we find that Henry, as both a 9 year-old and a grown up man with a wife, Sara, and a 3 year-old son, Dillon, has quite the imagination. An imagination that sometimes goes beyond fun and game and is pivotal to the "The Painted Darkness". Available as both a hard cover and at a great price for your kindle.

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