Friday, March 9, 2012

Thirty Miles South of Dry County - by Kealan Patrick Burke - Stay out of Milestone, if you can

Originally read February 20, 2012     4 Stars

Another tale from the world created by Kealan Patrick Burke in his novel, "Currency of Souls" 4-stars, too. "Thirty Miles South Of Dry County " features one of the characters we met in the previous work, but the story can certainly be read as a stand-alone novella.

Warrick Tanner, "Tan" to his friends has spent, nearly, the last ten years of his life, hanging with his friend Dick, outside Sven's Liquor & Gas. The establishment is just a bit outside Milestone, a place you wouldn't want to be, even for a visit or on a bet. But, when Sven goes into town looking for revenge for what has happened to his place, and takes Dick with him, Tan has no choice but to go looking for them when they don't return. What he finds is is certainly not what he expects and makes "Thirty Miles South Of Dry County" worth the read. From publisher Delirium Books.

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