Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Singular & Extraordinary Tale of Mirror and Goliath: From the Peculiar Adventures of John Lovehart, Esq., Volume 1 - by Ishbelle Bee

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A world of spiritualists, a murderer who kills children and transfers their souls into clockwork pieces of art, a shape-shifting guardian, a possible look at the root of the Jack the Ripper legend, and I still had a difficult time embracing The Singular & Extraordinary Tale of Mirror and Goliath.

Maybe it was the way the story was told piecemeal in a series of vignettes through a wide variety of first person narratives rather than with a single voice.  At times it seemed disconnected.  At first it almost seemed like a children's fairy tale, but before long we see the incredible darkness beneath the surface.  That I liked

I'm not saying The Singular & Extraordinary Tale of Mirror and Goliath is without merit.  The characters are well developed and quite varied and even the most ruthless among them isn't without a tender moment or two.  It's just that I wished there was more of a cohesiveness throughout.

Although a part of a series, The Singular & Extraordinary Tale of Mirror and Goliath, stands well enough on its own and is available now both in paperback and e-book formats from Angry Robot Books.

I'm kind of on the fence when it comes to recommending this one.  I liked it, but not enough to say others should read it, but then your mileage may vary.

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