Sunday, June 14, 2015

Mercy House - by Adam Cesar - A mini apocalypse in a nursing home

4 of 5 Stars     Review copy

Don Laurel and his wife, Nikki, are dropping off Don's mother at Mercy House.  Harriet Laurel was losing her mind as a result of Pick's disease, like Alzheimer's leading to more and more "senior moments" and eventually to a near catatonic state.

The home rolls out the red carpet for new arrivals and their families, but things quickly turn ugly during an argument over who gets steak and who has to eat fish.

Adam Cesare instantly creates an atmosphere of terror.  In the hours that follow some truly horrible crimes are committed.  Although we never learn what caused the changes to the residents of Mercy House, the writing itself is top notch and there are some disturbingly violent images filling the pages of this book.

My wife works in a nursing home, the best recommendation I can give is to say I won't be suggesting she add it to her reading list.  I don't think think she'd go back to work and we really need the money.

Mercy House is published by Hydra, the next generation of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror from Random House.  It's available now in most e-book formats, from the usual online retailers.


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