Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Wind Through the Keyhole - A Dark Tower Novel - by Stephen King

5 of 5 Stars

The Wind Through the Keyhole is a story told by a young Roland Deschain, of Gilead.  One read to him by his Mother when he was but a child.  Here, it is a story, within a story told by a much older Roland about the time his Father sent him to Debaria to find and deal with a murderous skin-man, a shape-shifter of sorts.  That would make The Wind Through the Keyhole a story within a story within a tale which sai King has been weaving for more than 30 years.  That, in itself makes this a remarkable work.

Was there something missing in the seven volumes that make up the Dark Tower series?  Not really.  This work does little to fill in any gaps between books 4 and 5.  At the same time, it was wonderful to once again visit Mid-World, to be with Roland and his Kat-tet, even for a brief time.

The bulk of this volume deals with Roland and his ka-mate, Jamie DeCurry, and their hunt for the skin-man and the telling of the actual tale of the Wind Through the Keyhole.

Although you may enjoy this book without having read any of the DT books that come before or after this one in the DT series.  I believe you will enjoy The Wind Through the Keyhole more if you've already read them all.  There are multiple references to things that have already happened and even people and events that are yet to come.  Constant readers are sure to enjoy the number "nineteen" occurring  from time to time.  Plus, anyone with an iPhone 4s will be asking themselves if Daria is a Mid-Word version of Siri.

Is King finished with Roland's tale?  Maybe.  But, if this book sells and the muse from MId-World speaks again, maybe not.  And that would be just fine with me.

Currently available in Hardcover and digital formats from the usual sources.

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