Monday, April 30, 2012

Apartment Seven - by Greg F. Gifune - Relationship past, future and present

Apartment Seven  4 of 5 Stars

Charlie and Jenna managed to get past the early days of their relationship where there were drug issues, which were cleaned up before their marriage, some twenty years ago.  During their time together they had some success professionally and where able to live in a nice brownstone in Boston.  They were not rich, but they were not uncomfortable.  

Now in their fifties, Jenna has done something Charlie can't quite get over.  In one very strange and twisted night, Gifune takes the reader on a journey to some very dark places.  Past, future and present.

The story is well written and makes for a quick, enjoyable read.  I was left a bit confused by a couple of passages.  At one point Charlie's last name is referred to as Cerrone and at the end of the story, Jenna's last name is Charceen and she refers to Charlie as Errol.  I just can't figure out what happened there.  If you read the book, and I'd definitely recommend you do so, let me know if you can shed any light on my confusion.

Available as an e-book from the usual sources.  The limited edition, signed hardcover from Darkfuse Publications, specialty press, Delirium Books is sold out.

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