Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Men Upstairs - by Tim Waggoner - This one is way out there

4 of 5 Stars

By far, one of the strangest stories I've read in quite some time.

This Novella starts out rather normal. Man meets woman in a movie theater lobby.  Woman is in distress.  Man offers comfort.  There's an attraction.  And that is about it for normal.

Liana is trying to get away from her past.  Richard is divorced and living alone in an apartment.  The people she was with before didn't treat her well and so he offers her a place to stay.  The first time they make love, we find there is something odd about Liana.

When some men move into the apartment upstairs things get weirder by the day.

The Men Upstairs is well written and definitely a page-turner.  Not for the faint of heart and if it was a movie, the MPAA would likely give it an R rating.   But, that being said, I really enjoyed where this story went and particularly enjoyed the ending.  I'm thinking that might make both Tim Waggoner and I a couple of sick bastards.

The Men Upstairs is a part of the Delirium Novella Series from Delirium Press.  It is available as a signed limited edition Hardcover and in e-book format for the Kindle from

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