Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Martyrs - by Steven Savile and Jordan Ellinger - Book 4 of the Viral series of novells

5 of 5 Stars

For me, Martyrs, Book3 in the Viral novella series, is the best of the lot, thus far.  Once again the CIA is using the innoculation of children in hot spots around the world for their own operations. 

This time the action is in Pakistan where Dr. Sahir Ahmed is approached by a woman who wants to be his nurse.  When Dr. Ahmed tells her he has no need of a nurse, she tells him that Noori sent her.  Noori is the name of his dead son, killed with so many others at the World Trade Center on 9/11.

Nadir Shahnaz has access to a vaccine for Hepatitis B to be administered to children.  The vaccine had come into the country via an airdrop that was intercepted and would need to be retreived before they begin the inoculations.  This will lead to a very exiting chase scene, but, before that action Nadir explains that the vaccines are really a cover which will inoculate children against a disease that could kill them before middle age, but is still just a cover.  When the first dose is administered the "nurse" would see that there was a backwash of a bit of blood.  Enough to get DNA samples in an effort to match a specific international terrorist.  And with that, I think I've said enough about the plot.

As in the other books in the series, I found the writing to be top notch, with plenty of action, making for a fast and enjoyable read.  In this instance, the writers do a nice job in tying up the loose ends, something that was sorely missed in the first two novellas.  I would definitely recommend Martyrs and it does work well as a stand-alone work.

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