Sunday, May 20, 2012

Anomaly - by Steven Savile and Jason Fischer - Book 2 in the Viral Novella series

4 of 5 Stars

Felix Koehler is the administrator at the Ifo refugee camp in Dadaab, Kenya.  He used to be a senior official at the Robert Koch Institute, in charge of  investigative epidemiology, but that was another life and two years ago.

Refugees and staff are dying of Cholera.  It's an epidemic with a much higher death rate among the vaccinated, even among those with the booster shot.

Once Felix discovers the truth, his life is on the line.  His only ally is Hank Strait, a U. S. Marshall.  As they race to get away and make the information public, they can't trust anyone.  Local authorities are on the take, the CIA seems to be involved and their only hope seems to lie in getting out of Kenya and to the German consulate in Somalia.

Anomaly is book 2 in the Viral series of Novellas and suffers from a similar issue I had with the first one, -30-.  Although, the writing is good, there are just way to many loose ends.  I also hoped that the 2nd Novella would tie in more with the first one, even though they've been promoted as stand-alone stories.  It's almost, as if, a word count is reached and the authors are in a hurry to come to a conclusion.

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