Thursday, March 8, 2012

The White Devil: A Novel - by Justin Evans

Originally December 18, 2011  4 Stars

Stephen King recently listed his choices of 2011's Top 20 Movies, TV, Music and Books in Entertainment Weekly. Among the books was one that caught my interest, that coupled with SK's recommendation was enough to get me to read, The White Devil by Justin Evans. I'm glad I saw the recommendation, this one turned out to be quite an original take on the classic ghost story. Andrew Taylor has already been kicked out of school in the states, more than once. His Father convinces Harrow School, outside London, to give him a chance, after making a contribution to the school. He is assigned to the Lot house and his head of house is writing a play on Lord Byron. Just so happens, the new student, bears a striking resemblance to Byron. Not only does the head of Lot house notice, but so does the Lot ghost. Ghosts today, seem to be able to do a lot more than they used to, just look at American Horror Story. If I say much more, I'd have to give spoiler alerts. I'd give this one 3 1/2 out of 5 stars. Definitely worth a look. Enjoy.

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