Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cut Corners Volume 1 - by Ramsey Campbell, Bentley Little & Ray Garton

3 Stars

A little chapbook I read between novels. "Cut Corners Volume 1", from newcomers Sinister Grins Press, is a trio of shorts from 3 heavy hitters in the horror genre. First up was Britain's Ramsey Campbell, he's extremely successful and has won numerous awards for his writting, but his story, "The Address" left me more lost than the character in his entry. Fraith gets away from his family and this elderly man spends a good deal of time in a wooded area looking for the train station. He seems lost, almost like he has Alzheimer's, althought that's never stated. The ending left me even more confused, like maybe I was suffering from the disease.

The second tale faired a bit better, from the legendary, Bentley Little, "Conversation Between Two Women Overheard At My Dentist's Office." I am not fond of Dentists, but after hearing this conversation, I'd rather be in the Dentist's chair than be left alone with either of these women.

The third and final tale comes from the dark and dangerous mind of Ray Garton. "Autophagy" is set in the near future, an all to possible future. As if the world isn't a horrible enough place to live, it's an even worse place to die when things are eating you up, inside.

Nothing outstanding here. Just an evening's diversion. Some of the projects Sinister Grins Press is working on look promising. Let's hope they don't cut any corners.

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