Thursday, March 8, 2012

Naked Heat (Nikki Heat) - by Richard Castle - Servicable tie-in to the popular ABC series, "Castle"

Originally read February 7, 2012     3 Stars

If you're a fan of the "Castle" TV series, which I am, you'll likely enjoy this second book from Richard Castle. These clever tie-ins to the TV series are seviceable, but not much more. As to who the ghost writer might be for these novels, it seems to be the best kept secret in publishing. I've Googled quite a bit trying to find a clue and have gotten nowhere. If you want to try one of these books, be aware of the differences between the TV series and the Novels. Kate Becket, on show is Nikki Heat in the books, both are Homicide detectives. Richard Castle is Jameson Rook, still a writer, but for a magazine, rather than a Novelist and he still writes an occasional article about Nikki Heat.

I think I may have enjoyed the books more if they didn't mirror the TV show as closely as they do. that aspect leads to some confusion for me. All-in-all, there is some fun to be had. Good, but nothing special

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