Friday, June 24, 2016

Winter Tree - by Alison Littlewood - A beautiful melancholy chapbook from White Noise Press

5 of 5 Stars     Review copy

Winter Tree is a new chapbook from White Noise Press.  The book itself is a thing of beauty.  The paper stock is a cut above and the illustrations by publisher Keith Minnion are exquisite.

Then there is Alison Littlewood's lovely tale.  A charming ghost story of sorts.  A tale of promises made, forgotten, and remembered too late.

The source of the story's title is a touching moment of young love.

Winter Tree will be available July 5, 2016 from White Noise Press.  For their complete list of chapbooks visit them online at


Alison Littlewood was raised in Penistone, South Yorkshire, and went on to attend the University of Northumbria at Newcastle.  Originally she planned to study graphic design, but “missed the words too much” and switched to a joint English and History degree. She followed a career in marketing before developing her love of writing fiction.

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