Friday, June 17, 2016

Babylon Terminal - by Greg F. Gifune - One helluva ride

5 of 5 Stars     Review copy

I can't say I always connect with a Greg F. Gifune story, but I always try to read his works.  He challenges me as a reader and Babylon Terminal did just that. This is not a casual read, it's not light material.  I feel I had to work for every bit of enjoyment I got out of this book, but it was worth it.

There is some stunning wordcraft going on in this story.  At times Gifune's prose is close to breathtaking.  There is powerful, rich dialogue, as well.

The author paints a bleak new world which, at times, reminded me of Blade Runner or The Fifth Element, even a touch of Mad Max.  It all feels a bit surreal.

Monk is a Dreamcatcher; when someone runs from their life it's his job to catch them and bring them back or even terminate them.  When the love of his life becomes a runner, Monk goes after her in an attempt to save her and maybe save himself in the process.

Babylon Terminal is dark fiction at its finest, at times ultra violent, at times soft and tender. It's a work which will likely stay with the reader long after they are done reading.

Babylon Terminal will be published this June, by Darkfuse, in e-book, paperback, and as a limited edition signed hardcover.

If you're looking for a read to become immersed in, this is the book.

Greg F. Gifune has been called "One of the best writers of his generation" by both the Roswell Literary Review and author Brian Keene,  He is the author of numerous short stories, several novels and two short story collections. Greg was educated in Boston  and has lived in various places, including New York City and Peru. A trained actor and broadcaster, he has appeared in various stage productions and has worked in radio and television as both an on-air talent and a producer.  He lives in massachusettes with his wife, carol, a bevy of cats and two dogs, Dozer and Bella, who can often be seen lounging on his Facebook page.

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