Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Chinese Beetle - by Brian Keene - A story from the Lost Level

4 of 5 Stars

The Chinese Beetle is a quick trip to the world Brian Keene created for The Lost Level, published in January of 2015.  If you missed it, The Lost Level, is an homage to Edgar Rice Burroughs, Sid and Marty Kroft, Joe R. Lansdale, H. G. Wells, and others, and takes you to places that can only be reached through the imagination.

It's a place where "you might stumble across something here that looks familiar, only to discover it's not what you thought it was, or it's not where you thought it would be."

Oh, and once in The Lost Level you can't leave...and the sun never sets.  There, I think you should be up to date.

This chapbook features Aaron Pace, who is from our world, and Kasheena and their encounter with what they end up calling The Chinese Beetle.

I you've not read The Lost Level, this is a good introduction.  If you have and are waiting for the release of book two, this is a nice little appetizer before the main course, coming soon.

The Chinese Beetle is a quick read, something you could easily finish off during your lunch hour.

The Chinese Beetle is available as a glossy covered chapbook through Thunderstorm Books

Brian Keene writes novels, comic books, short fiction, and occasional journalism for money. His work has won numerous awards and a number of his novels have been developed for film, with more on the way.  The father of two sons, Keene lives in rural Pennsylvania.

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