Friday, June 10, 2016

Odd Adventures with Your Other Father - by Norman Prentiss - A genre-bending read that is worthy of your attention

5 of 5 Stars  

Odd Adventures with Your Other Father by Norman Prentiss is a genre-bending novel, blending fantasy, horror, and a love story that transcends the ordinary.

I've been sitting here, staring at a mostly blank page for the last fifteen minutes.  It's difficult to describe this book without giving away it's secrets and that's a big part of what made this such an enjoyable read.

Celia, had two fathers, one of them passed away when she was four.  Her Father, Shawn, tells her a series of "odd" stories about her other Father, Jack.

The stories border on the fantastic, but are told with love and charm as Prentiss tells the story of a same sex couple making their way in the world of the mid-eighties.  Their post-college road trip was engrossing and believable, but the tales are not all fun and games. There's a fair share of unpleasantness and violence as might be expected in this less open-minded era.

It was so easy to become lost in the story-telling.  Somewhat like sitting around a campfire listening to an experienced counselor tell his best tale and then clamoring for one more before crawling into your sleeping bag for the night.

I took pleasure in the details in the stories told here.  Like the time Jack and Shawn stayed at a bed and breakfast..."'Not a lot of rules here,' Mrs. Bittinger said.  'Bathroom's down the hall on the right,: no shower, but a nice enough tub.  Breakfast is at eight o'clock tomorrow, if you want it.  Please don't lie on top of the bedspread: lie underneath it, or take it off and set it in the chair.'"

Odd Adventures with Your Other Father is the perfect title for a book which is at times shocking, often touching, and certainly a memorable work I won't soon forget.

Published by Kindle Press as a part of their Kindle Scout program, Odd Adventures with Your Other Father, is currently available in e-book only.  If you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited you can read this book at no additional charge and if you are an Amazon Prime member you can read it for FREE through the Kindle Owners Lending Library.

Norman Prentiss is a two-time winner of the Bram Stoker Award.  One for Superior Achievement in Long Fiction for his debut book, Invisible Fences and one in the Short Fiction Category for In the Porches of My Ears.  In my opinion, he's the real deal.  You can't go wrong with a Norman Prentiss book.

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