Monday, October 1, 2012

Writing Crime Fiction - by Top Suspense Group - Essays on Writing Crime Fiction

4 of 5 Stars  (Review Copy)

More than a year ago, twelve authors got together and formed the Top Suspense Group.  Among them, they have two hundred years of experience, have published more than two hundred books and have been honored with nearly sixty award nominations and/or wins.

Needless to say, this group knows a thing or two about writing crime fiction and in Writing Crime Fiction they've come together to share that knowledge with anyone who wants to try their hand at writing in this field.

What Writing Crime Fiction is not.  It is not a substitute for a good writing course.  It is not a step-by-step guide to writing your first novel.  It is not a guide to self-publishing.

What Writing Crime Fiction is, is a series of essays by some people who have been there.  Helpful words from a dozen writers who have had significant success writing in a genre they love. 

There are articles on Going Indie, Finishing the First Novel, Building Suspense, Writing Noir, How to Use Sex in Your Book, Bringing the Zombie to Life and much, much more.

While I have no plans to write a novel, crime fiction or otherwise, any time soon.  If I ever find myself tempted,  I'd come back to this volume again.  There is pleny of solid advice between it's covers.  Advice that could take you months to accumulate by making connections in the genre and asking the right questions.  And it's already collected for you in Writing Crime Fiction. 

Writing Crime Fiction is available as an e-book from and if you subscribe to Amazon Prime you can borrow it for FREE from the Kindle Lending Library. 

BTW, once you're written your Crime Novel, please send me a copy.  I'd love to write a review.

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