Sunday, October 14, 2012

Southern Hauntings Saga: The Vagrant - by Bryan Hall

5 of 5 Stars   ( Review Copy)

Creighton "Crate" Northgate has been seeing ghosts for some time.  He moves around a lot, helping folks with their ghost problems, although Crate hints that there's more to it than that.

The Vagrant is a perfect introduction to the "Southern Hauntings Saga" series from Angelic Knight Press.

In this story, Crate stops for fuel and beer, and sees two men outside the store.  Bryan Hall does an excellent job describing there characters, "One, a vagrant...[his] left shoe had the toe blown out of it and a sock the color of old dishwater had escaped into the daylight."   The other clean cut and well dressed..."He wore a slight smile which seemed to be almost mocking Crate...An arrogant little smirk, and all Crate could think was the bastard was probably a lawyer."

One of these two turns out to be a spirit and what follows is a delicious little story of a ghost who is staying until he feels he has received vengeance.

In The Vagrant Creighton talks about the different types of hauntings, how..."Some [ghosts] were still in the mortal plane to fulfill some purpose, others were nothing more than traces of their old selves like faded Super 8 videos transposed over a crisp, high definition film; doomed to run in an endless loop until the end of time."  The Vagrant deals with one of the former, a spirit that refuses to move on until he feels justice has been done.

The Vagrant is a beautiful, self-contained, ghost story, but also sets the stage nicely for the tales to follow.  The next novella in the "Southern Hauntings Saga" is The Girl and both of these stories are already available from Angelic Knight Press through  For more on Bryan Hall you can visit his website at

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