Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Southern Hauntings Saga: The Girl - by Bryan Hall - Very good ghost story

5 of 5 Stars  (Review copy)

Creighton "Crate" Northgate has been seeing ghosts for some time.  He moves around a lot, helping folks with their ghost problems, although Crate hints that there's more to it than that.

As Crate says, "...a lot of spirits seemed to want something, or need a little help moving on to the next plane, and he had...talents in that department."

The Girl is Amy, daughter of Tom Lee and his wife Margie and sister of Angie.  She's been gone for two years and Tom see's his daughter frequently.  Mostly out by the woods.  Margie has never seen her and Angie isn't saying anything on the subject.

The premise for these stories is rather simple and yet Hall is skilled at moving his characters through each step in the discovery process.  Much like a good police procedural, there are false leads and the reader is kept guessing to the end.

The scene with the big discovery is rich with description, leaving just enough to our imagination, but the discovery just leads to more questions.  In addition to helping his clients get answers and hopefully helping the occasional ghost move on, Crate remains haunted by his own brother, Martin, who had died 15 years ago.

Given the subject matter, I still find it easy to suspend my disbelief.  These tales in The Southern Hauntings Saga have a ring of truth to them, making them that much more enjoyable. 

The Girl is a beautiful, self-contained, ghost story, but is just a part of Southern Hauntings Saga which started with The Vagrant.  Each story works well on it's own and both are available now from Angelic Knight Press through  For more on Bryan Hall you can visit his website at

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