Thursday, October 25, 2012

Monster Night - by Brian James Freeman - A Halloween short

5 of 5 Stars

Monster Night was a part of Cemetery Dance Publications' 13 Days of Halloween sometime in the remaining days of October.

Brian James Freeman is the Managing Editor of Cemetery Dance magazine and publisher of Lonely Road Books where he has produced some very nice limited editions over the years, including a beautiful print edition of Stephen King's Riding the Bullet.  In addition to his work as an editor and publisher, Freeman is also an accomplished writer.  His most recent novel, The Painted Darkness, has been called a hauntingly beautiful tale exploring the thin line between fantasy and reality.

For his Halloween story, Freeman introduces us to Jonathon, a little boy excited at the prospect of trick-or-treating.  "When Jonathon asked his mother why everyone wore costumes to go trick-or-treating, she said the costumes were so little kids could blend in with the real ghouls and goblins that walked around on October 31st."

The monsters in this story aren't necessarily the ones that haunt us in our dreams, but more likely the ones that come and go in our lives under the guise of ordinary people.

Freeman delivers a delightfully scary story through the eyes of a child, which tends to make the scary stuff even more frightening.

I definitely recommend Monster Night be included in your Halloween reading.

Monster Night is part of the 13 Days of Halloween from Cemetery Dance and is available, right now from Amazon and

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