Saturday, April 14, 2012

Clickers -by JF Gonzalez - This is how you do it

5 of 5 Stars

Last year, I read Primitive by JF Gonzalez.  Loved it and once again, I've had a great time reading one of his books.  This one was based on an idea of, and co-written by, Mark Williams, who passed away prior to publication.  Whoever gets the credit, it's all well deserved.  The writers take a B-Movie premise and fill it with believable characters and plenty of action.  

When dealing with crazy creatures like the ones found in this work, it's easy to fail with a back-story that doesn't work or doesn't exist at all.  Not the case here, although it's "out there", I found it easy enough to suspend my disbelief and enjoy the telling of the story.

Rick Sychek, is a budding horror novelist who heads to a friend's property in Phillipsport, Maine to begin his next work.  He never gets any writing done.  Instead, before arriving he runs over something in the road which causes him to lose control and crash into a huge pine the locals call Ol' Little Feet.

Through the course of the story the authors do a fine job with introducing the reader and Rick to a number of locals.  (Hint: Don't become attached to anyone).  The combination of an epic storm and the repeating of events from long ago culminate in three days no-one will forget.  That is if there is anyone left to remember.

A wild ride, with plenty of gore, none of it gratuitous.  Definitely not for the fainthearted or younger readers, but a great way to spend a few nights with the light on.

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