Monday, April 16, 2012

Crawlin' Chaos Blues - by Edward M Erdelac - A powerful Novelette

     5 of 5 Stars

You may have heard stories before about deals made at the crossroads.  Often providing wealth or talent in exchange for ones soul or other valued possession.  "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" by the great Charlie Daniels Band is a variation on the theme. 

Here,  Edward M. Erdelac crafts an wonderful story of Harpoon Elkins who makes his way to Chicago, up from Quito, Mississippi.  He meets a mediocre bluesman who goes by King Yeller.  King convinces the young man to take him to a place he knows as "The Crossroads".

A deal is made with the "Shadow Man" and the ensuing events make for a short, but beatiful read. The writer really takes you to the heart of the Mississippi blues.  You get to see and feel what the characters are expeiencing and it's certainly not sunshine and roses.

Short on pages at 24, but long on impact.  Available for the Kindle reader from

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