Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Of Myst and Folly - by Leah Cutter - Poor attempt at post apocalyptic fantasy

2 of 5 Stars     Review copy

Generally speaking, most of my reviews fall into the 4 and 5 star range.  It's because I tend to read what I think I'll enjoy and it usually turns out that way.

This book was tagged dragons, end of the world, fairy tale, post-apocalyptic, given those elements, it sounded like something I would like, but it just didn't turn out that way.

Also, I have this self-imposed rule which says, "Always finish what you start." When it comes to reading, I refuse to mark a book as DNF, particularly if I'm going to review it.

There were a number of warning signs going in, but I failed to heed them and found the overall experience with Of Myst and Folly to be less than enjoyable.

First sign was an unknown publisher, Book View Café.  According to their website, they are "a cooperative publisher. Our members are professional writers who want to use the Internet to reach a wider audience and distribute their work directly to readers."  OK, that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Then there was the cover, to say it's blasé, would be kind.  The final warning came in the very first paragraph where a character was referred to as Brendon and Brandon within a matter of words.  How does that not get caught?  In a later chapter, the same character is referred to as Brendan.  Very annoying.

I could get past the proofreading issues, I've sort of given up on a lot of that kind of stuff.  It seems to be very prevalent today, but then there's the story.  There is a story, thus the 2 stars, but the writing is choppy, jumping from generation to generation, leaving many elements unexplored and too much of what is happening is left unexplained.

Sorry to say, Of Myst and Folly did not work for me.  The book is available from the publisher in both epub and mobi formats and you can purchase a print version through Amazon.com

Not recommended.

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