Monday, April 27, 2015

After Midnight - by Allan Leverone - A very effective story and an enjoyable read

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After Midnight is one of those sequels where reading the first book is completely optional, but if you're an individual who must read the first book first, it's called, Mr. Midnight and it's still available as an ebook from Darkfuse Publishers through

Alan Leverone has done a very nice job of giving the reader the salient points from book 1 to make reading After Midnight a complete stand-alone novel.

Central to the story is a special family, where generations of twins have had a tendency to end with one twin killing the other. To prevent this from happening, Virginia Ayers gave up her twins at birth, but fate would bring them all together again, with terrifying consequences.

"There was nothing more beautiful in this world as far as Milo Cain was concerned than observing the effects of a razor-sharp blade slicing into human flesh."

The twins, separated at birth, Milo Cain and Caitlyn Connelly are at odds.  There may be 1500 miles between them, with Milo in a coma caused by a cataclysmic event that occurred when they finally came face to face six months ago, but that is just the beginning.

After Midnight was hard to read, and I mean that in the best possible way.  Disturbing, leaving the characters and the reader with a feeling of complete helplessness.  An interesting. original story, well-executed.  The writing is crisp and clean, the pacing is dead on, brisk when needed and more deliberate when appropriate.

Allan is one of those skilled writers who manages to say just the right thing at the end of every chapter to cause the reader to turn the page and think maybe one one before I turn out the light and go to sleep and then one more, until sleep wins out despite the desire to continue.

I did feel the story became a bit repetitive at times, but overall a very effective story and an enjoyable read.

After Midnight is available now, in both Paperback and ebook formats, from Darkfuse Publications through  If you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited you can read this selection at no additional charge and if you are an Amazon Prime member you can make this one your monthly selection.

Definitely recommended.

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