Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Halfway House - by Weston Ochse - A very twisted, wild, and strange ride and ultimately worth the trip

4 of 5 Stars     Review Copy

From the Amazon book description..."The Halfway House...a place shrouded in mystery...standing shunned and ignored...yet seeming to devour the souls of everyone who dies in San Pedro."

Events which took place in 1942 along the California coastline are still having an impact today.

Halfway House is brimming with memorable characters and Weston Ochse does a wonderful job bringing them to life with his wonderful descriptive skills.  "Wearing long, peach-colored pants and a T-shirt from Bell's Cove in Australia, the fifty-five-year-old Kanga reached up and knotted his long white hair to keep it out of his face.  The muscles in his arms twisted and bulged.  A lifetime of surf bumming on three continents had chiseled the old man's features into those of a twenty-five-year-old.  Only his grey hair and a stubborn, but small, pot-belly made from years of burritos and beer were evidence of his age."

His friend, Bobby Dupree, is quite the character.  Raised in an orphanage in Memphis, he's on a quest to find the Double  Platinum Award Elvis received for Heartbeak Hotel.  He has a letter which says his father was Elvis Presley and the award was left to him as his inheritance, but it was stolen from the orphanage before he even knew what it was.

The other key player is the leader of the 8th Street Angels, Louis Cabellos, but everyone just calls him Lucy (Lou C.).  There are many supporting characters and they are all richly developed and make for a wonderfully entertaining story.

And then there's the Halfway House.  It goes back to 1942. "Everyone.  Every single person who dies here dies forever.  They don't go to Heaven.  They don't go to Hell.  Instead, they go the halfway house to feed her revenge."

The end of the book calls for an all out assault on the Halfway House.  I guess you could say things get a little crazy, but then this is a horror novel, after all.

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