Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fear: The Hero Chronicles (Volume 3) - by Tim Mettey - The continuation of this YA Thriller/SF Adventure

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Fear: The Hero Chronicles is the third entry in this YA series and continues the saga which began in Secrets: The Hero Chronicles and continued in Trust: The Hero Chronicles.  

To review, Nicholas is a Thusian, an ancient group of secret guardians of mankind, destined to sacrifice their lives at any given time, to save those around them.

Book three, sees more threats from those who would like nothing more than to destroy the 7, a rather confusing combination of 3 Seekers (bad guys) and the 4 (good guys).  This time the emphasis of the story is fear.  There's the fear of the Seekers, the fear of his girlfriend, Elle, being off at college while he finishes his senior year at Winsor High School, as well as all of the normal fears a teenager must deal with.

Although, I enjoyed the overall story in Fear: The Hero Chronicles, there was one bit that I found somewhat disturbing and not in the usual fun horror story way.  In the middle of the book Nicholas' friend, Eric, organized a Nerf gun battle, dubbed Mafia Wars, which would take place during school hours between the Junior and Senior classes.  In today's climate, where even mentioning guns on school grounds is cause for expulsion, it seems in poor taste to have students shooting one another, even when done in fun with Nerf guns.

BTW, Nicholas continues to pop Tic-Tacs as if they were some kind of medicine with no real explanation.

If you've already read and enjoyed the first two books in the series, I think you might enjoy Fear: The Hero Chronicles.  If you've never read any of the books and want to check them out, this is one series where it's important to read the previous installments or you're likely to be lost.

All three books are available in paperback and e-book formats through Amazon.com and as of the writing of this review Secrets: The Hero Chronicles and Trust: The Hero Chronicles, book 1 and 2 in the series, are FREE.

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