Sunday, September 21, 2014

Drought - by Graham Masterton - A great "what would happen if" read

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Over the past three years the lack of any significant rainfall has brought large portions of the US to a crisis point.  One of the worst hit areas is San Bernardino, California.

What would happen if the temperature was hitting 120 everyday and the Governor instituted "Rotational hiatuses" for water service.  Suddenly there is no water at all for the city's poorest neighborhoods.  The announced "plan" is 48 hours off in one area and then to restore water there and turn it off in other areas, but 48 hours becomes 60 and there's still no water.  The result is rioting, looting.  People are dying.

Meanwhile, in the city's more affluent neighborhood, the greens at the Country Club continue to be watered.

Martin Makepeace  works for the San Bernardino County Children & Family Services.  Ex-Marine with an ex-wife and two children.  Martin is a bit unconventional as a social worker.  Very protective of his charges and he takes no crap from those who would do them harm.  Martin is called into his boss's office where he meets Saskia Vane from the the Governor's special task force set up to deal with the drought emergency.  They need Martin's assistance to help reassure his clients that the water restrictions are only temporary.  If only that was true.

Graham Masterton's Drought is filled with characters pushed to the breaking point.  Even Martin Makepeace, the undeniable hero of the story is forced to take what would be considered despicable actions under normal circumstances.

A devastating drought, a corrupt government, a private security force run by a madman, rioters, looters, and then there is Santos, a Native American, who knows the location of Lost Girl Lake, and attempts to lead Martin and a group of family and friends to it's hidden location.

Drought gets off to a fast start and doesn't let up until the last page.  The horror in Drought is the potential reality of the situation.  Many of the conditions that make this story work exist today in the real world.  Drought is a well-told tale of survival against seemingly insurmountable odds.

Please be advised, there is a good bit of graphic sex and violence in this book.

Drought  is currently available as a hard -cover from Severn House Publishers through


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