Friday, June 6, 2014

Dreams of Ivory and Gold - by Kirk Dougal - Epic horror of biblical proportions

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In the Summer of 2013 I had the privilege of reading Manifesto UF edited by Tim Marquitz and Tyson Mauermann and I had this to say about "Rev" a short story by Kirk Dougal.  "When in the hands of a writer who 'gets it,' urban fantasy can be a lot of fun and Dougal definitely 'gets it.'"  It's nice to know Kirk Dougal still "gets it."

Dreams of Ivory and Gold is part fast-paced thriller, part urban fantasy, and part horror.  The result is a genre bending, epic story of biblical proportions.  A story more than 600 years in the making involving an emissary of the Catholic Church, given free reign to fight an ancient evil, and culminating in the investigation of a serial killer who leaves his victims a bloody mess and takes their uterus with him.  It all makes sense when you know why.

The writer's characters are well rounded and fully realized making it easier to suspend your disbelief when dealing with the unbelievable.  This is no small feat.  Plus, this is Kirk Dougal's debut novel. Wow!  That just makes this work even more impressive.

Dreams of Ivory and Gold  has just been re-released from Angelic Knight Press which is now the horror imprint for Ragnarok Publications.

Yet another great read I can highly recommend.

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