Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Georgie - by Robert Ford - Word for word the best horror I've read this year

5 of 5 Stars

Robert Ford posted a link to this short story as a FREE gift for Father's Day.  As of the posting of this review it's still FREE at Amazon.com.  Go get it now and then come back to finish reading this review.

The opening paragraph just knocked my socks off.  This is only a short story. but it packs more horror per word than any full length novel I've read this year.

As a father and now grandfather, I was repulsed.  What happens is terrible, yet I couldn't put it down.

Robert Ford is not the most prolific writer, but he's a solid writer who chooses every word carefully.  So why is this story FREE?  Well, being the smart marketing man that he is, Robert has included a sample from his novella Samson and Denial, in hopes you'll like it and buy that one.  Pretty clever.

Georgie is available now at Amazon.com.  If you love horror, I can't recommend this one enough.

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