Monday, April 14, 2014

Dämoren - by Seth Skorkowsky - First book in the Valducan urban fantasy series

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The story begins with 11-year old Spencer Mallory surviving an attack in his home by a group of monsters that kill the rest of his family.  He's saved by a demon hunter named Clay Mercer who wields a special weapon named Dämoren.

Years later, Spencer, now known as Matt Hollis, has become a demon Hunter himself, bonded with Dämoren.  As if his life isn't strange enough, he gets the following letter...

Dear Mr. Hollis,

As you can see, we have been aware of you for some time.  While we have always made it a point not to interfere with your activities, developments have arisen that have forced our hand into contacting you.

The letter was from the Valducans, a group of demon-hunting knights who find and keep track of all holy weapons and whose library of demon species and lore is massive. A group that Matt was already aware of and that he believed wanted him dead.

Author, Seth Skorkowsky, does a very good job of creating believable situations using extraordinary characters.  The conflict between monsters and heroes is embellished by the distrust among the Valducans themselves and the surprise reveal at the end of the book works well as closure for book one and sets up book two nicely.

Dämoren is available now from Ragnarok Publications through

If you love urban fantasy, you'll certainly enjoy Dämoren.

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