Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Witch Hunts - A Graphic History of the Burning Times - Rocky Wood, Lisa Morton and Greg Chapman - A Historical Perspective

3 of 5 Stars

I actually had high hopes for this project and 3 of 5 Stars means I liked it, but it failed to live up to my expectations.  After all, when you have two Stoker Award winning authors in Rocky Wood and Lisa Morton, as well as, upcoming Australian writer and illustrator, Gereg Chapman, you have to expect the best.

What I saw was really nothing more than an essay of material on witch hunting in the US and Europe coupled with some exceptional line-art from Chapman to bring the text to life.

I realize this is a work of non-fiction, but I don't think that necessarily means it has to be droll.  If you're looking for facts on witch-hunting, they're here, but if you're looking to be entertained you might want to look elsewhere.

Witch Hunts: A Graphic History of the Burning Times is available as a Trade Paperback from McFarland, as well as from Amazon.com.

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