Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bloodstained Oz - Announcement from James A. Moore

When this is released for Kindle in a few days, do yourself a favor and get a copy.  James A. Moore and Christopher Golden did an amazing job with Bloodstained OZ. Originally $35 as a limited edition and then only on the secondary market for well over $100, soon to be available for the price of an e-book. One of my favorite novellas of the last 10 years.

You know what I like about Christopher Golden? Lots, actually, but in this case I like the fact that he saved me a lot of work.

What work?

All the reviews and pieces of reviews for BLOODSTAINED OZ that I was about to have to hunt down. They're all at his website so I just cut and pasted instead. Why?
Because in a day or so the Kindle version of BLOODSTAINED OZ is going to be available and I want you to know WHY this is a cool thing.

So, here, a few reviews:

Bloodstained Oz

A novella by Christopher Golden and James A. Moore

Introduction by Ray Garton

Art by Glenn Chadbourne

Something's gone wrong over the rainbow.…

1933. The winds of the Dust Bowl have reduced what had been the nation's breadbasket to a desert full of broken dreams and desperate prayers. The water is gone, the crops are ruined and, for the people of Hawley, Kansas, there's little left to struggle for except the chance for another day in hell.

There's a storm coming, one that will rip the roofs from farms and scatter the wretched crops far and wide. One little girl will find a treasure trove in a ruined field and converse with a nightmare. One man will find salvation in the dirt and damnation close on its heels. One woman will suffer the sins of her husband and seek hope in the actions of her only child.

Dying faith will be tested, because that isn't rain wetting the crops; it's blood. Those aren't trinkets and toys that are lying hidden in the fields; they're nightmares wrapped in false promises. And while the darkest storms bring the brightest rainbows, that isn't a pot of gold waiting at the far end; it's an emerald that gleams and flickers with its own infernal light.

Join bestselling authors Christopher Golden and James A. Moore as they show you there's no hell like home . . .

"One of the creepiest pieces of fiction I've read in a long, long time. Golden and Moore take delight in moving the Oz characters and creatures from our dreams to our nightmares."
-- Ray Garton, from the Introduction


"Parents beware, don't read this bedtime story to your kids unless you intend to scar them for life! Wonderfully warped and twisted."

-- monstersandcritics.com

"A fast, terrifying ride showcasing the best of Christopher Golden and James A. Moore. I highly recommend this."

-- Horror World

"This story will rape your childhood memories of Oz. A great, creepy story that will stick with you. It's straight-up horror... and much better done than most of the stuff out there."

-- creature-corner.com

"One thing is for sure, after you read this book the Baum classic will be the last thing you think of when Oz comes to mind. These two writers have taken Oz and put it in the blender and hit the puree button. I, for one, hope they have left something for a second helping because after this you surely can't go home without wanting to return. Golden and Moore have crafted a delightfully chilling work that makes the reader certain that they're not in Oz anymore."

-- Baryon Online

"A book that turns the stuff of dreams into nightmares, taking something we as a society know dearly, and twisting it on its heels to create one of the best pieces of short horror fiction I've read to date. If you've ever seen the movie The Wizard of Oz, or even read the story, then you know about the world of fantasy that mimics the stuff from your most vivid childhood dreams; there was a young girl whisked away to a land of bright and vibrant colors, a lion that lacked courage, a scarecrow missing a brain, a man made of tin longing for a heart, a wicked witch and her evil band of flying monkeys, and a wise wizard at the crux of this whole cornucopia of imagination. Now think for just a moment, what if two incredibly talented and gifted storytellers got together to shove all that wonder and amazement of Oz out of your head and replace it with a fear and dread like none you've felt before. One of the finest crafted stories you're likely to read. Bloodstained Oz is the perfect homage to one of history's most fantastical stories. Just don't let the kids read it. This sucker is for adults."

-- Insidious Reflections

"I was really surprised at just how far Golden and Moore were willing to push what could've very easily been a comedic setup. Instead of going for laughs, they go straight for the throat and hold nothing whatsoever back from the reader. It's fast and brutal, but somehow still manages to give enough insight into the characters at its core to make you care for their well being. Bloodstained Oz is plain and simple a really good horror story. Highly recommended. 5 out of 5 Mugs o' Blood."

-- The Horror Channel

"Deliciously gruesome."

-- Publishers Weekly

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