Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Zombie Generation - by Drake Vaughn - A different take on the walking dead

4 of 5 Stars

I found myself having a love/hate relationship with The Zombie Generation.  On the one hand, I like my Zombies to be of the George Romero/The Walking Dead variety.  Able to be killed with a shot to the head, the bashing in of the head, or fire, as well as not being very conversant, other than the occasional groan or moan.  These are not those Zombies. 

Actually in this novel, the undead are not referred to as Zombies at all.  In The Zombie Generation they're called "Buggers".  The "Buggers" tend to be obese, with a penchant for alcohol, they sleep in piles, some of the piles as high as buildings.  It takes much more than a shot to the head to kill them, and they can speak in a childlike manner.

The Zombie Generation actually refers to Warner's generation, "Generation instant" as his father puts it.   But the real story here, the one that kept my interest, is Warner.  Warner suffers from "figs" short for figments, making it difficult to tell what is reality and what is purely in Warner's mind.  As a result, his relationships with others in the story is always suspect.  He's also been scratched by one of the "Buggers" and spends a good part of the time trying to find a cure and trying to figure out exactly when and if he will become one of them.

Overall, I had a very good time in Drake Vaughn's post-apocalyptic world and give him high marks for taking me somewhere I didn't expect to go and keeping me intrigued from start to finish.

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