Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Draw Blood (Blood Trilogy Book 2) - by Jason Bovberg - A different take on the apocalypse

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Draw Blood is the second book in the Blood Trilogy.  Having read and enjoyed book 1, Blood Red, about a month ago, I was looking forward to seeing where author Jason Bovberg would take his characters as they do their best to survive an apocalyptic event.

What they are up against is something completely unique in the horror genre. So far we've learned that the survivors all have type O-Negative blood and that their blood can be used to keep the rest of the population (who seem to be controlled by some other intelligence) at bey and might actually be able to cure them in some instances.

Where book 1 was told from the point of view of a remarkably resourceful teenager, Rachel, book 2 is told by Rachel's father, Michael.

The story construct is still strong as the author doesn't miss a beat, even with the change in perspective.  There is an attention to detail that makes this book and book 1 very easy to read.  The scenes dealing with what the rest of the world has become are effective, but the real story lies in the sociological and psychological experiment that is the way the survivors interact and deal with their situation.

Draw Blood is another terrific read in the Blood Trilogy and I'm looking forward to seeing how it all ends in book 3.

Draw Blood is available now in both paperback and as an e-book from the usual online retailers.  I definitely suggest reading book 1, Blood Red, first.

Highly recommended.

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