Thursday, January 8, 2015

Tuskers - by Duncan McGeary - Man versus beast (round one)

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Until I got to read Tuskers by Duncan McGeary, I had never heard of javelinas or skunk pigs, but a quick check of Wikipedia reveals they are real and can be found in Arizona where this novel is set.

Through an evolutionary quirk a small Arizona community is terrorized by these pig-like creatures who are exhibiting cunning behavior and in some ways are out-smarting their human prey.

The author didn't waste a lot of time with setting up this story.  In no time at all, people are dying and it doesn't look good for the humans.

This sequence leads to one of my favorite lines from the book.  The action involves a former sheriff named Barbara who's pretty good with a firearm.

"She went to the front of the house, drawing her Glock.  She threw open the door.  Half a dozen javelinas were rooting around in the bare dirt and rocks.  She started blasting, catching three of the pigs by surprise and killing them.  Two of the others were winged as they ran, and the third got away completely.  As she ejected the spent clip and loaded another one with practiced ease, the unharmed javelina turned and gave her a look that almost stopped her from finishing the motion.

It was a warning look.  You've messed with the wrong pig, the look said."

The writing was crisp and fast-paced, the plot just took a little suspension of disbelief, and the result was a very good first effort from the new Angelic Knight horror imprint from the folks at Ragnarok Publications.

Tuskers is a complete work in it's own right, but the stage has also been set for sequels of which two are already planned.

The release date is set for January 12th and Tuskers will be available in Paperback and ebook formats.

Highly recommended.

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