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Time of Death (Book Two): Asylum - by Shana Festa - Surviving the zombie apocalypse

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Relative newcomer, Shana Festa, is back with book two in her zombie series. Time of Death: Asylum picks up right where Time of Death: Induction left off.  BTW, if you haven't read the first book, get it right away.  It's one of the best works of zombie fiction to come along in some time and book two is just as good.

Time of Death: Asylum begins with a synopsis of book one, just in case you have short term memory issues, like me. Then we continue following the four surviving members of the Rossi family, husband and wife, Jake and Emma, Jake's brother Vinny, and their sister, Meg.  In addition, Emma's little dog, Daphne is back as the group struggles to survive in the weeks and months following the zombie apocalypse.

The author is incredibly adept at mixing the highs and lows of surviving in the new world.  It's not easy, loved ones are lost and relationships suffer.

"Try as I might, I just couldn't stop my brain from working overtime.  It kept analyzing our current circumstances.  We'd started that morning with eight, and now we ended it with four.  We'd watched half our group die in the course of a single day.  The wort part, besides the obvious loss of people we cared about, was that we' had to kill them with our own hands.  What does it say about the world when murdering  your loved one is the only acceptable option."

Then, there's the all important question of figuring out who to trust among survivor's you meet along the way.

Take the people at the Asylum, after a family vote, the Rossi's decide to take a chance with a larger group of survivors.  What they find there is a level of security, but at what price.

Time of Death: Asylum has everything the zombie reader could want; realism, a story which rings true given the subject matter, an episodic storyline, pathos, a touch of humor, and one hell of a cliff-hanger.

I'm already looking forward to book three.

BTW, kudos to Christian Bentulan for the outstanding cover.

Time of Death: Asylum is available now from all major e-book retailers and is published by Permuted Press who have the great tag line "Enjoy the Apocalypse."

If you love zombies, you don't want to miss Time of Death: Asylum.

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