Monday, December 15, 2014

Survivor's Guilt - by Kelli Owen - A very nice horror novella with two big twists

5 of 5 Stars  

Not sure how I missed Survivor's Guilt when it came out back in April of 2014, but I'm glad I finally got around to reading this novella from one of my favorite writers.

Survivor's Guilt is the story of one man's unique way of providing for his family.  It's difficult to go into much detail here without major spoilers.  I'll just share this great opening paragraph, it hooked me.

My grave is empty.  I'm not a vampire or zombie or some other form of the undead.  I'm not undead at all.  Matter of fact, I'm not dead.  I never was.  But the woman and girl, standing in front of the headstone etched with a name I no longer use, think I was--or rather, I am.

What follows is a remarkable story with not one, but two unexpected twists from a writer whose work I truly admire, a writer with wonderful descriptive skills with an eye for detail.

Run down surroundings--wooden walls, mostly unpainted, with little or no insulation where the guts are exposed, broken windows at the back that show nothing but the darkness beyond and what may or may not be a broken skylight in the ceiling, a small pile of forgotten pallets and scraps of paper waiting for a breeze to give them life--make me think we're in an abandoned warehouse.

I love that line scraps of paper waiting for a breeze to give them life. Just perfect.

Survivor's Guilt is original, daring, gripping and even made me shed a tear.

Survivor's Guilt is available now in paperback and for the Kindle at

Highly recommended.

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