Thursday, December 4, 2014

Arkadium Rising - by Glen Krisch - Book 1 in the Brother's Keeper series

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Arkadium Rising is the story of two brothers, Marcus and Jason Grant, different as night and day, as many brothers are.  What sets these brothers apart is one of them has played an important part in bringing about a new post apocalyptic world.

Arkadium Rising is the first in the new Brothers Keeper series from Glen Kirsch.  Although, close to 350 pages long, the story does little more than set the stage for things to come.  It does a nice job in establishing the strained relationship between the brothers and introduces the reader to a number of important characters along the way, but we are left in the dark when it comes to the organization responsible for the destruction of civilization and what's to come.

Arkadium Rising is a character driven story of survival in this brave new world, a world without power, with a few notable exceptions.  It's a story that is epic in scope and with this being the first segment in the overall Brothers Keeper saga, you get the feeling the writer has barely scratched the surface.

This quote on one of the main characters state of mind pretty much sums things up.  "Kylie shifted on her feet, feeling the effects of no sleep, little food, the weight of a seemingly endless string of tragedy.  Her mother had totally lost her marbles.  Her dad was missing.  Her trailer and all of her earthly possessions were most likely burned to cinders.  And now Monique was dead.  And to top it all off, they were running away to... she hadn't the foggiest idea, and were now part of a group of... what? Survivalists?  Armed militia?  A frickin' cult?"

Arkadium Rising is Glen's first work to be published by JournalStone.  it will be available in a variety of formats on their website on December 5th, 2014, but I did notice the Kindle version is available now at


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