Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Unhinged - by David Bernstein - The darkest book I've read this year

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And the award for the darkest book of 2014 goes to The Unhinged by David Bernstein.  Wow.  I know there are still two months left in the year, but I can't imagine reading anything darker than this one.

Kelley's out with her girlfriends and meets a guy who seems kinda nice, but when she learns he's a cop, she quickly loses interest.  The cop, Kyle takes offense.  You can tell by the way he's acting that he might have anger issues, at the very least.

Aaron Dupree has paid his debt to society.  Six-years served on a fifteen-year sentence for armed robbery, on parole, and doing his best to get his life together.  Aaron has a run-in with the same cop and that's when things start to go bad, very bad.

David Bernstein has crafted something special here.  What happens to his characters is truly horrible. The Unhinged is not for anyone who is easily offended, but at times I got a Richard Layman feel with his story-telling.  It reminded me a bit of the tension present in Layman's Blood Games.  By the time it was over it was like the author was channeling Jack Ketchum when he was writing Off Season.  If anything, David has gone even further than Jack.

There is nothing supernatural in this book.  It's just got some very bad people in it.  What I'm saying is The Unhinged is darker than that...even darker.

Just released this week from Samhain Horror, The Unhinged is available in paperback and e-book formats.

If you can handle the worst humanity has to offer, then I can highly recommend you get this book.

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