Thursday, October 16, 2014

Monster Ink - by Timothy Baker - Novella length collection of 3 horror shorts

4 of 5 Stars     Review copy

Monster Ink features two tales of in-your-face horror, followed by a healthy dose of urban fantasy in this novella length collection of work form Timothy Baker.

It all starts with "Monster Ink."  A motorcycle club called the Sons of Flesh, a magical tattoo artist they call Pony, and a wet behind the ears Army Private who wants to get some ink celebrating making it through boot camp.  What happens next will make your skin crawl.

"Hell and Tarnation," stars "Leonard.  One of the glorious damned thousands. One of the Prisoned.  Once Grand Inquisitor of Magic and Sorcery, now a demoted servant of Lord Lucifer in his infernal prisons."

The third story is a favorite of mine that was featured in Manifesto UF, an anthology of urban fantasy stories.  It's called, "Front Lines, Big City." Baker's protagonist is a Mage.  If you're familiar with World of Warcraft, you'll know what a Mage is. Simply put, a spellcaster.  This one living as a self-made prisoner in downtown New Kansas City.  A former soldier in the Magical Marine Corps.  When the Second Civil War ended he became a fugitive on the run after an act of congress turned him and his comrades into criminals.

Monster Ink is not for everyone.  I did find the first two stories difficult to follow at times. but overall, I enjoyed this quick read.

From Black Bed Sheet publishers, Monster Ink, is available now for the Kindle at

If you're up to it, recommended.

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