Friday, October 3, 2014

Factory Town - by Jon Bassoff - Nothing is what it seems

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Words are failing me at the moment, but I'll try to find a few to use in this review of Jon Bassoff's follow-up to Corrosion from earlier this year.

Factory Town is a strange, surreal, dreamlike, stream-of-consciousness, at times extremely disturbing, yet oddly satisfying endeavor.

First, there's the unusual writing style.  Although there is plenty of conversation in this novel, it is totally without quotation marks which, surprisingly, didn't bother me at all.

Russell Carver has come to Factory Town to find someone, her name is Alana, she went missing years ago, he has a computer generated image of what she might look like today.  He's heard she might be in this godforsaken place.

"Factory Town.  It was as if they had started demolishing the entire city, building by building, house by house, then had decided it wasn't worth the effort, let it die on it's own terms.  There was crumbling concrete and collapsed fences, broken glass and discarded furniture.  Brick buildings worn down from time and neglect, the windows boarded up and covered with graffiti.  A bank clock, both hands missing.  Dumpsters upturned.  Fire escapes fallen to the ground.  Rubble everywhere.  A church, vandalized and rotted.  And from somewhere, the strange echoes of a laugh track."

Ruled by the Cowboy and the Book of Edicts, Factory Town is not what it seems on the surface. Actually, nothing is what it seems in this bizarre story.

Will Russell find the girl he's looking for, will he even get out alive?  Find out for yourself when Darkfuse releases Jon Bassoff's new novel on October 7th, 2014.  Look for it in both paperback and for the Kindle.  Plus, if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited you can read this one at no additional charge.

Not for the faint of heart, but certainly recommended.

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