Thursday, March 6, 2014

White - by Tim Lebbon - An isolated group faces the end of the world in this horror novella

4 of 5 Stars

British Horror and Dark Fantasy author, Tim Lebbon, has started a new ebook venture he's calling Dreaming In Fire Press, mostly as a way to get stuff that's been sitting around out to readers.

His first release is White, initially published nearly fifteen years ago and a winner of the British Fantasy award.

With an effective cover from Elderlemon Design and an attention getting first line, "We found the first body two days before Christmas.", White tells the story of a group of people, cut off by relentless snow, from what might be left of the rest of the world.

Their job was to monitor radiation levels on the Atlantic Drift from "dirty" reactors melting down in Brazil. The job came with a place to live, but times kept getting worse and "On TV, minutes before it stopped broadcasting for good, someone called it the ruin.  Then it started to snow."

And there's something in the snow.  Something not everyone sees.  Something seen from the corner of the eye.  A different something to each who sees it.  And if you see it, there's a pretty good chance it will tear you apart.

Reminded me, at times, of The Thing and it has many of the workings of a good slasher flick.  One of Lebbon' s characters even asks, "...what are we doing coming out here?  Like those crazy girls in slasher movies, you know?  Always chasing bad guys instead of running from them?  Asking to get their throats cut? Oh, man..."

In addition to the main novella, this ebook release of White, includes Tim's short Kissing At Shadows, a wonderful love story set in a similar, if not the same, world as White.

Currently available for the Kindle through with additional formats coming soon.


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