Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Way of All Flesh - by Tim Waggoner - Wonderfully fresh take on the zombie genre

5 of 5 Stars    Review copy

From his fitting dedication to "John Russo, Father of the Living Dead," right through to the unexpected ending, Tim Waggoner weaves a zombie tale like none other.

The Way of All Flesh tells the story of David Croft, a father, ex-husband, twin and, oh yes, he's a zombie.

David doesn't realize he's a zombie, as a matter of fact he doesn't have any idea as to what's happening.

"Maybe...maybe he'd had some kind of accident, been in a car wreck or something.  Maybe he'd suffered brain damage and was in a coma.  People could dream during comas, couldn't they?  And he'd just keep on dreaming until he came out of the coma--if he ever did.

"Or, he thought with a stab of fear, maybe he was crazy, maybe he'd had some kind of mental meltdown, was buckled into a straitjacket and lying on the floor of a padded room somewhere hallucinating with his back against a rotting house on the verge of collapse in a world with a phlegm-colored sky, where ivory-skinned demons carried rifles and people killed and ate monstrous creatures raw.

"Any of those possibilities could be true, he thought.  They all explained why he couldn't remember how he'd come to be walking down the street with Simon.  And they all explained why the world had become such a nightmare.  Anything could happen in a person's mind, especially if that mind was sick or damaged.  And as frightening as either of those prospects was, it beat the Hell out of the last possibility, the unthinkable one, the one that despite all reason his gut told him was the truth.

"This was happening, all of it.  Really happening."

The Way of All Flesh is well written and takes the zombie genre in new directions, yet it still has what the average zombie reader is looking for, including some of the most vile and disgusting descriptions of the zombie lifestyle it's ever been my pleasure to read.

Brilliant in concept and flawless in execution, I enjoyed every word of The Way of All Flesh. Plus, an ending so unexpected, it could only come from the deviant mind of Tim Waggoner.

The Way of All Flesh will be available in ebook and print formats on April 1, 2014 from Samhaim Publishing.

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