Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Last Firefly of Summer - by Robert Ford - Bob Ford takes no prisoners with his writing

5 of 5 Stars

Bob Ford takes no prisoners with his writing.  With his latest novella, The Last Firefly of Summer, Bob managed to tear my heart out and later gave me sweet revenge, resulting in a totally satisfying read.

The story of first love, true love, the love where you would do absolutely anything for the other person.  Anything.

The Last Firefly of Summer is the story of Patrick Walder, his love for the Pastor's daughter, Sunni Hackett, his time in prison, and his life after release.  Three close-knit stories in one solid novella.

Strongly recommended.

The Last Firefly of Summer is available in both paperback and e-book formats.

Robert Ford writes stories that are always focused on the characters, first and foremost. Anything else just happens to be happening. "If I can write a story that makes the reader feel—laugh, or cry, or get angry or upset—if I can write an engaging story that involves the reader and hits them emotionally, then, and only then, have I done my job."

Previous works include The Compound, and Samson and Denial.  Robert currently lives in central Pennsylvania.

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