Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Last Mile - by Tim Waggoner - A nice little survival of the fittest post apocalyptic novella

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In a relatively short number of pages, Tim Waggoner manages to construct a post apocalyptic landscape that is every bit as realized as those in much longer works.

Survival in the After World is tenuous, at best. Dan is one of a select few marked to serve a Master.  In the main thrust of the story, he's captured a young woman with the intention of delivering her to his Master and what happens during The Last Mile to his destination is the crux of the tale.

At times very disturbing, this product of Tim Waggoner's over-active imagination is nearly everything you could want in a horror novella.

In this brave new world, the ordinary has become extraordinary..."It was part bovine, part human, a woman's head hanging upside down where an udder should've been, her tongue was lolling, matted black hair dragging the ground.  It possessed a long serpent in place of a tail, the head curled underneath the main part of the creature's body so its forked tongue could taste the udder-head's ear. The cow's body was scrawny, its dry, leathery brown hide stretched tight across the bone, so tight that the flesh had torn in numerous places, revealing glimpses of the yellowed skeleton beneath.  The cow head looked as if it had been dipped in acid, for it was nothing but a skull--except for the eyes.  They remained untouched, and they stared at Dan with what he interpreted as malign amusement."

Definitely for adults and not for anyone with a weak stomach, but if you're up for it, The Last Mile is a quick read that will really help you get your horror on.

From Darkfuse Publishers, The Last Mile  is available for the Kindle at Amazon.com and if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited, you can read this one at no additional charge.

Certainly recommended.

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