Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Jade Sky - by Patrick Freivald - A Matt Rowley novel and a genre bending winner

4 of 5 Stars    Review copy

A great opening line will get your attention, draw you in, and make you want to know everything about what you're about to get yourself into as a reader.  "Blood rained from the ceiling." And I'm hooked.

Jade Sky, the new novel from Patrick Freivald, gets right to the action with ICAP (the International Council on Augmented Phenomena) engaged in battle, fighting to control a super drug called Jade and the spread of Gerstner technologies.

"ICAP agents walked the line between Captain America and Bane and were the only law enforcement capable of hunting down other augs."  Augs are "augmented" individuals, and the reason ICAP agents where so good at hunting down other augs is because the agents themselves had augmented powers. Think X-Men where you get to choose what powers you get.

It took me a little while to get into Jade Sky, but once I got comfortable with what was going on, I settled in and enjoyed the experience.  Kind of like and old-school roller-coaster where you get slowly pulled to the crest of the first peak and then there's the rush of adrenaline that carries you from that first drop right through to the end of the ride.  Just like a great coaster, there are plenty of twists and turns, too.  Everytime, I though I had an idea where the author was going, BAM, another twist.

Jade Sky is part action-adventure, part horror, part sci-fi and part urban fantasy, all woven into a very enjoyable story.  I could see myself in the theater watching this on the big screen, chewing on some popcorn.

Jade Sky is from the team at Journalstone Publishing  who have been releasing some great product in recent years and is scheduled for publication on May 16th, in a variety of formats. Check their website for details or you can purchase from


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