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Path of the Dead (Hungry Ghosts - Book 1) - by Timothy Baker - If you like you zombie fare with a bit more bite. This one's for you.

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Timothy Baker's first published novel, Path of the Dead (Hungry Ghosts - Book 1) is much more than what you might expect.  I'd go as far as to call this a literate zombie tale.  Sure it's got zombies which can always make for a fun read, but it's also got a wonderful story of Buddhist monks, friendship and overcoming obstacles.

There is conflict between the spiritual views of the monks and the young Chinese soldier who is there as a protector and there is coming of age story of a young man who has lost so much.  It all comes together in a story rich in legend and imagination.

Center to the tale is young Chodren Dawa who is already morning the loss of his sister, only to find her alive again, sort of.  I think you might know where this is going.  Although there are zombies in Path of the Dead, and Baker does a good job of bringing the dead to life, that's not the story here.

Just a piece of the writing you'll find within, " of the day and night swept over Chodren like a blastng winter's wind.  What had been a peaceful village life among friends and family had been forever ripped away by Heaven or Hell's horrific vengeance.  No more would he play soccer in the sunlit fields, no more would he listen to his mother's nightly songs of sleep, or feel his father hug and smile against his cheek, and neither would he laugh with his sister as they played and jostled through seemingly endless, care-free days.  The world had changed, unrecognizable as an alien planet, gone, never to return, his childhood finished in one day.  What was to become of him?  Would he spend his remaining days with running, fighting, blood , and death?"  Not your typical zombie fare.

Although a compete story by itself, you can tell by the title there is more to come and I am certainly looking forward to Book 2 in the Hungry Ghost series.

Path of the Dead  is available now from Ragnarok Publications through

If you like you zombie stories with a bit more bite, this one's for you.

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